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Bridging the Orthodontic Gap for General Practitioners

About the Course

Level 1 - Introduction to Orthodontics

The purpose of this comprehensive 4 session, 8 day program is to teach general and pediatric dentists how to diagnose and treat simple orthodontic cases. Emphasis will be placed on thorough records and diagnosis. Treatment will involve using a combination of functional appliances mainly in mixed dentition and fixed orthodontic braces (straight wire technique) in permanent dentition. Dr. Rondeau’s systematic approach, organization and marketing tips make incorporating orthodontics into the general practice relatively easy.

Level 2 - Intermediate Orthodontics

This 2 session 4 day Intermediate Orthodontics course has been created for those who have attended Dr. Rondeau’s Level I Introduction to Orthodontics or are currently practicing orthodontics and want to take their practice to the next level with greater case diagnosis and finishing skills.

You will learn a system for treating patients that involves stabilizing the temporomandibular joint prior to any orthodontic treatment, and bring these important skills to your practice where you can ensure a beautiful smile, straight teeth and healthy jaw joints.

Comprehensive Ortho Continuum for General Practitioners
Comprehensive Ortho Continuum for General Practitioners

Course Outline

Level I - Introduction to Orthodontics

These sessions are complete. Please contact Breakaway Seminars,, for fast-track options.

Level 2 - Intermediate Orthodontics

Case Finishing - This session will concentrate on showing orthodontic cases to demonstrate various techniques that assist general dentists in properly finishing their cases.

  • Importance of proper bracket position
  • How to correct dental midlines
  • Correction of Class II and Class III molar relationships
  • Technique for closing spaces (closing coil springs and power chain)
  • Correcting deep overbites with incisal ramps and composite buildups
  • How to level the maxillary occlusal plane utilizing the AccuLiner™ Articulator
  • Different combinations of composite buildups and elastics to help level the occlusal plane
  • How to correct rotations using power chain and lingual buttons
  • Indications for slenderizing anterior and posterior teeth

Advanced Straight Wire Mechanics

  • Double arch mechanics, one archwire holds space with open coil, one archwire aligns the displaced tooth
  • Technique for eruption of mesially inclined second molars
  • Methods to intrude incisors
  • Techniques for extruding molars and bicuspids
  • Eruption of impacted canines

Case Diagnosis/

  • The key to successful orthodontic treatment is making the proper diagnosis. Dr. Rondeau has several experienced assistant instructors who will be available to offer advice to the course participants on their new and progress cases

Self-Ligating Brackets

  • Treatment time can be reduced by 4 to 6 months when patients are treated with low friction self-ligating brackets


  • Mini-implants are also referred to as temporary anchorage devices (TADS) and are utilized to create increased anchorage in orthodontics. At the end of the procedure they are removed, hence the term TADS


  • Intrusion of molars to correct cant of occlusal plane
  • Closing anterior open bites
  • Uprighting mesially inclined molars
  • Retraction of cuspids
  • Molar distalization
  • Intrusion of incisors (gummy smile)
  • Prevent movement midline
  • Crossbite correction

TM Dysfunction & Orthodontic Case Finishing

  • Phase I – Diagnostic Splint Therapy (4 to 6 months)
    Repositioning Splint, Distraction Appliance, Anterior Deprogrammer, Temporary Splints, Night Appliance and Flat Plane Splint (acute cases)
  • Phase II – Orthodontic Case Finishing
    Cases will be presented on how to hold the position obtained in Phase I, and how to verify that you are holding the position with the use of JVA (Joint Vibration Analysis) as well as Tomogram X-rays to verify condylar position

Self-Ligating Brackets

  • Treatment time can be reduced by 4 to 6 months when patients are treated with low friction self-ligating brackets

Case Diagnosis

  • The key to successful orthodontic treatment is making the proper diagnosis. Dr. Rondeau has several experienced assistant instructors who will be available to offer advice to the course participants on their new and progress cases

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

  • In January 2006, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommended that oral appliances be utilized as the first line treatment for patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea. A high percentage of patients cannot tolerate CPAP devices. This has created an excellent opportunity for dentists who treat patients who suffer from snoring and sleep apnea to improve the health of their patients as well as significantly increase the size of their practices

Clear Brackets

  • Most adults prefer the clear braces. They are extremely esthetic as they blend with the natural tooth tone for a virtually invisible appearance

About the Instructor

Brock Rondeau, D.D.S., I.B.O., D.A.B.C.P. D-A.C.S.D.D., D.A.B.D.S.M., D.A.B.C.D.S.M.

Brock Rondeau, D.D.S., I.B.O., D.A.B.C.P. D-A.C.S.D.D., D.A.B.D.S.M., D.A.B.C.D.S.M.

Dr. Rondeau is one of North America’s most sought after clinician who lectures over 100 days per year. He is the past president and master senior certified instructor for the International Association for Orthodontics. Over 22,000 dentists have attended his courses and study clubs in the United States, Canada, China, Australia, England, Turkey and Poland. He has an extremely busy practice, which is limited to the treatment of patients with orthodontic, orthopedic, TMD, and snoring and sleep apnea problems. Dr. Rondeau is a Diplomate of the International Board of Orthodontics, a Diplomate of the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines, a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Craniofacial Pain, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine. He has published over 30 articles in orthodontic and dental journals and has produced a series of videotapes on all phases of orthodontics as well as extensive internet courses in Orthodontics, TMD and Snoring and Sleep Apnea. Dr. Rondeau has written two chapters in medical and dental textbooks. One on early treatment and functional appliances and another on oral appliance therapy for snoring and sleep apnea.

Registration Information

Comprehensive Ortho Continuum for General Practitioners
CE Credits: 64 CE units per 4-session seminar series
Prerequisite: Beginning Course:

Intermediate Course:

Beginner ortho course required.
Tuition: Beginning Course:
Please contact seminars@breakawaypractice for fast track pricing.

Intermediate Course:
Time: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Teaching Method: Lecture and hands-on Activities

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Bridging the Orthodontic Gap for General Practitioners
Level 1
Introduction to Orthodontics
Session I: May 12 - 13, 2017 San Antonio Beginning
Session Il: June 23 - 24, 2017 San Antonio Beginning
Session Ill: July 28 - 29, 2017 San Antonio Beginning
Session IV: Sept 22 - 23, 2017 San Antonio  
Level 2
Intermediate Orthodontics
Session I: February 2 - 3, 2018 San Antonio Intermediate
Session lI: May 4 - 5, 2018 San Antonio Intermediate
Session llI: June 8 - 9, 2018 San Antonio Intermediate
Session IV: August 10 - 11, 2018 San Antonio Intermediate
Comprehensive Ortho Continuum for General Practitioners

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It is both a delight and my pleasure to offer testimony on behalf of Dr. Scott Leune. I have known Dr. Leune for over 10 years. Since that time and during the past year I have had ample opportunity to observe Scott and his Breakaway Practice presentations. I really get excited watching him share his wealth of knowledge with everyone in attendance. His evaluations reflect extremely well. For this reason we will try to book him on an annual basis.

Dr. Leune relates well with the audience. He certainly has their best interest at heart and interacts wonderfully with our staff in the coordination of the program. He is always willing to adjust when necessary. 


Seminar Attendee

Thanks to Breakaway we are doing well, seeing around 200 NP a month and doing around $100k a month in month 7. We have seen over 100 NP each month and have been profitable since we opened. 

Dr. Richard

Seminar Attendee


I want to praise your team for the excellent job that they have done for me as an affiliate. Everyone at Breakaway has been excellent and I want to commend you for creating such an effective team. Caryn has been great in making sure I'm doing everything that I'm supposed to and answering my questions. Tommy was put in a very difficult situation when he arrived here last week. But he handled it very well and made sure that your team was able to get as much done as possible while they were here. He's always answered my questions and been an invaluable construction supervisor. Pedro's team could not have been more professional and polite. Again, they were put in a difficult situation but made the best of it and were able to get everything done that they needed to. They never complained, even though they had the right to. They made sure things were done the way I wanted and made sure I was completely satisfied.

I know there have been others behind the scenes as well. In summary, I'm extremely pleased with the service that Breakaway has provided. I can't imagine undergoing this start up without the assistance of such a tremendous team. I look forward to our continued partnership as we get this practice up and running.

Dr. Trever

Breakaway Affiliate


I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate you allowing me to attend the Breakaway Seminar. I found the information very well organized and well-thought-out. In working with local franchises (in another industry) the key is "systems." In your layout of metrics and audits so much of the management can be delegated to staff members and still have accountability. Thanks to your training and by employing the right people with the right systems, dentists will not feel so "burdened" by owning and managing a dental practice.

Dr. Scott

Seminar Attendee


I appreciate your insight and willingness to teach. Breakaway served as a major launching pad for my practice (I just wish I knew about you before I opened). But I found your seminars after I was trying to "emyth" my practice and was fully prepared to appreciate everything you were teaching. I drank your coolaid for sure.

The practice just hit 200 new patients for last month and had an adjusted production of 1.5M for last year (our second full calendar year) and we are mostly Breakaway with a few loose ends I hope to tighten up with our 2014 goals. There is still work to be done for sure but so much potential.

What you have taught and given my practice is more valuable to me than any other class or seminar that I have enrolled in.

Dr. Matt

Seminar Attendee


I am writing this email to update you on the progress of my startup practice. I just closed out my first month and being open 3 days a week I saw 80 new patients. I used many of the ideas presented at your course and saw great success with them. Thanks again for the wonderful information and insight and I look forward to bringing my staff back to Breakaway real soon.

Dr. Jordan

Seminar Attendee

 Scott is a genius and his system definitely works.  The hardest part is implementation and with his help it's definitely possible to achieve great results. 

Dr. Peter

Seminar Attendee

I am overwhelmed with the amount of things I would like to do to improve my practice.  I will systematically start implementing these proven ideas one at a time.  This is the organization & systems I have needed. I have been wanting to come to this course for a long time.  I have been to all the major practice management CE courses. I wish that I had started with Breakaway. 

Dr. Eric

Seminar Attendee

Breakaway has been the most important contributor to my success. I originally came five years ago and came for a refresher.  In the past five years I have started three very successful practices using Scott's principles.  There is no better ROI. 

Dr. Jay

Seminar Attendee

Great job! I am former military and I implemented some of your methods in our military clinic which more than doubled our production and efficiency in our large clinic. You should consider offering a specialized Breakaway course for military clinics/services, VA, and public health service. 

Dr. Kevin

Seminar Attendee

What Scott teaches is NOT being taught in dental school anywhere, and that is a shame because it is knowledge that every dentist should know before opening his/her own practice. 

David (Dental Student)

Seminar Attendee

We are doing great. I opened from scratch 6 months ago in Louisiana. I used a lot of the marketing that Scott talked about and location and design tips. I also took the six month smiles course because of Breakaway. It has added revenue to my office. I think the biggest impact is the post card marketing and my location. I am in a retail center adjacent to a huge grocery store. I started in January 2014. I saw 120 new patients in March working three days a week! I had to add Saturdays just to see the influx because I had a two day associateship at another office. I was so slammed with new patients I went full time at my office in April. I have been averaging 100 new patients since March!! That is why I am bringing my team to the September meeting!

Dr. Ian

Seminar Attendee

Most CE I've taken (>200 hrs in past 2years) have only proved 10%-20% useful and implementable.  Breakaway has educated me on 90% of the things I was curious about. The remaining 10% I have yet to experience in my career. A+


Seminar Attendee

I have thoroughly learned the most important thing I came here to learn. I didn't know what I didn't know. My husband attended with me and we are so happy to have attended this course. We plan to open next month and this Breakaway Seminar was our Hail Mary attempt to make sure we were prepared. All the contents of this seminar was more than we ever imagined to learn. We will be back!

Dr. My-Hanh

Seminar Attendee

Thank You! Your whole team is amazing.  This experience has shifted me in so many ways.  I will be back to attend this again. 


Seminar Attendee

Really amazing vision to leave with. A wealth of information. Hands down the best seminar I have attended. 

Dr. Anthony

Seminar Attendee

Most of the ideas and principles are "common sense." However, Dr. Leune verbalizes the ideas concisely and effectively, and the systems organization is impeccable. Excellent in applying and organizing most of the things that are “common sense.” That is the bridge that most people can’t overcome. Great job. Thanks for the ideas and suggestions. It is always great to learn how to improve.

Dr. Kelly

Seminar Attendee

Excellent seminar. I took so many things away that will give me confidence opening my dental practice next month. We look forward to working together with Breakaway!

Chinh (Dentist's Spouse)

Seminar Attendee

Real, funny, engaging, up front, honest, refreshing. Overall helpful to every person in any dental office. Really just brilliant. I cannot wait to get back to the office and start creating a better practice. 

Allison (office manager)

Seminar Attendee

I hope I can put 10% the stuff together at my office and if I can I'll increase collections $100K or more!

Dr. Ryan

Seminar Attendee

It feels nice to see and hear everything in person. My doctor was super excited about this and we have changed a lot. Now that I am on their level I'm sure the office will do great things. Thank you. 

Scott (Front Office)

Seminar Attendee

I now feel confident in helping our practice start up and become successful. 

Stacey (Assistant)

Seminar Attendee

I have been in a practice that has implemented many of your systems in the past 3 years and can tell you they work as you well know. I've been happy to tell everyone here to listen to what you are saying because it does grow your practice! I have learned even more new information this time and am helping a new office start and implement systems this month! Thank you!

Amanda (Front Office)

Seminar Attendee

Excellent presentation and applicable information on systems that can be applied immediately.  I've been in dentistry about 15 years and I have learned things here that I haven't heard anywhere else.  Systems have been tested in Dr. Leune's own offices and he can show us the true results from that which we can apply in our own offices. 

Dr. Saqib

Seminar Attendee

The "unknown" factors of building a start-up have been removed.  A step by step guide to building a practice & choosing the proper location has removed much of the fears I've had about beginning the process. 

Dr. Jeff

Seminar Attendee

Unlike most lectures, you cut through all the usual (pictures of your office, problems dentist have...) and got to the actual real world solutions.  Most lectures give very few, if any, solutions.  Thank You!

Dr. Jason

Seminar Attendee

Best CE course I have taken.  First time a course of this length held my attention the entire time. 

Dr. Fariha

Seminar Attendee

Very good course. Loved the scripting, office checklists, marketing components of the course. Very happy I attended. Will look for ways to implement many of the ideas into the practice. 

Dr. William

Seminar Attendee

This was the best practice management seminar I have taken in 25 years.  Tons of useful content and support.  Highly recommended!

Dr. Scott

Seminar Attendee

Attended 3 years ago and thought this would just be a refresher.  Loads of new info and tons of new support options. Awesome in every way. 

Dr. Tom

Seminar Attendee

Being a recent graduate, this is the kind of course that needs to be taught at every dental school across the country, especially considering the present state of private practice dentistry. 

Dr. Shailain

Seminar Attendee

Wonderful course-extremely valuable and applicable. Super friendly team. Thank you for teaching private dentists what we can achieve.  

Dr. Doug

Seminar Attendee

This has been the most comprehensive, low sales pitch seminar I have attended.  The material given is something I can immediately apply to my practice on Monday.  I will be back in a few months with my staff  

Dr. Sanjukta

Seminar Attendee

Best seminar ever.  Far exceeded expectations.  Walking away from corporate with confidence now.  Nobody else does this.  You're a genius.  

Dr. Perry

Seminar Attendee

Very well organized! Awesome manual! 

Dr. Kevin

Seminar Attendee

Had a great time. I want to go home tear my office down and build and start a new breakaway practice. Everything taught was solid content with tons of easy to implement systems and ideas.  

Dr. Michael

Seminar Attendee

Fantastic!! I've been in practice 39 years and taken several thousand hours of CE. This weekend has been by far "The Best" I've ever attended.  Info can be of vital use immediately unlike many.  

Dr. Byron

Seminar Attendee

Thank you for providing actionable info rather than just promoting your services like most practice management gurus tend to do. Having the manual will be very helpful as I implement these ideas over the next few months.  

Dr. Whitt

Seminar Attendee

 Easily most valuable seminar. ROI will be immense! All staff/team was super 

Dr. Ronak

Seminar Attendee

I was uneasy about coming, was worried it would be a waste of time. To my surprise it was AMAZING! Scott has thought of it all. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!! I cannot wait to share with the rest of our team.  

Briana (Treatment Coordinator)

Seminar Attendee

I did not know what to expect from Breakaway-I thought it might answer a question or two & hopefully give me the next step (a non-owner wanting to own). Breakaway posed questions I never thought to ask and answered those questions. Breakaway is an eye opening for sure.  

Dr. David

Seminar Attendee

This is the most comprehensive practice management class I have ever taken. The scope and attention to detail is very impressive. It was completely worth my time and money to come. I am excited to see what kind of dental practice I can create now having this information.  

Dr. Jeanine

Seminar Attendee

Very excited about my future now. I'm glad Breakaway is accomplishing what I have always known was needed in our field.  

Dr. Orest

Seminar Attendee

This was one of the best, actually THE BEST ever practice management, business seminar I have ever taken. I would highly recommend it to everyone.  

Dr. Rashi

Seminar Attendee

Very knowledgeable speaker, useful information, "Think outside the box, " well tested ideas for marketing and scripting. This will be a part of our practice going forward.   

Stephanie (Dental Assistant)

Seminar Attendee

This is the most detailed CE, that brings everything together about practice management. I expected a lot, but this exceeded my expectations.  

George (Dental Student)

Seminar Attendee


We received a great review last week for one of our receptionists, who happened to be Breakaway's inbound phone schedulers.
We've had a good start thus far:
In December, we saw 121 new patients working 8 doctor days with a "profit" of $5,248 before doctor salary.
In January, we saw 166 new patients working 12 doctor days with a "profit" of $13,566 before doctor salary.
It's great to have a clinic that cash-flows its first month (actually 1/2 month) open.
Our patients love the Breakaway-style office design. My team and I especially love the tip-out bins and open storage / restock. There isn't a single cabinet (or place to hide inventory) in the entire office. I actually put tip-out bins as the storage method in each room and it's worked out great - it's amazing always having what you need without the assistant having to run to grab some item she didn't know had run out in the drawer.
I'm unexpectedly still working and managing 2 other locations, so I'm thankful to have the opportunity to outsource! And to have the efficiency of a Breakaway-style office so we can make the most of the time I do have in the office.

Dr. Bill

This is my third business masters seminar I have been to and each time I learn something new.  I tried to teach the seminar to my staff and have been unsuccessful so I just bring them with me. 

Smith (Front Office Staff)

Business Masters Seminar Attendee

I am a person that likes to play it safe.  I have been afraid to venture out on my own.  Your seminar has helped me have more confidence to have a safe way to start a practice with proven techniques. To say it's a lot of information is an understatement.

Dr. Martha

Business Masters Seminar Attendee

Dr. Leune really cares that his attendees understand the material.  He cares for everyone's success.  It's great to have him doing this for our profession.  Thank you Scott!

Dr. R

Advanced Startup Seminar

I'm a dental student and I've been studying practice management for the last 1.5 years through books, podcasts, dentaltown to hopefully prepare myself...however the past two days included better information than all 400 hours of podcasts, many books, and several seminars I've already attended.  I hope to be able to work with Breakaway more in the future.  Thanks so much!

Loren (Dental Student)

Advanced Startup Seminar Attendee

been using the cost savings program for the past two years no problems so far! last week I got a quote from a rep for a autoclave, called Terrence at breakaway and he told me the quote was high. Saved about a $1000 on the spot after I went back to the rep with the numbers we should have been quoted. Thanks Terrence!

Dr. Anthony Marbell

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