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Branding & Design

The first impression a patient gains from your practice will come from your brand. A brand consists of a logo, a color scheme, a slogan, design style, signage, and even office stationery. But more importantly, a brand is your message. It’s what you want your practice to stand for, what you want to say to your audience, and to your potential patients. A brand is in essence a tool that helps to create an association, no, a feeling between your practice and your patient. As the first impression, branding is important. Breakaway Marketing will work with you on finding the vision of your brand and developing a practice name, color scheme, logo, stationery, and exterior banner.

Practice names are determined through identifying area landmarks, conducting competitor research, analyzing potential available website URLs, all in consideration of the brand image. Colors and logos will be designed by the marketing team and the best option will be chosen in collaboration with the dentist. Lastly, we will design the stationery, banner, and social media cover photos that will help create your brand identity.

Not only is creating your brand image important, it is vital for this message to be consistent. You want everything from your website and advertising to your office design and signage to collaborate to create the right image for your practice. This can be more difficult than it sounds. With the help of the Breakaway Marketing team, you will have experts on your side to create a cohesive message that will accurately portray the right image for your practice, consistently across all points of patient contact.

Marketing your practice with an appropriate and enticing brand image can have a large impact on your growth. Let our Breakaway Marketing team be your partner in creating a great first impression for your practice with our innovative marketing expertise.

Branding & Design