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Direct Mail

Direct mail is still one of the most effective marketing strategies available for bringing new patients into your dental practice. The postcards you mail are often the first thing your prospective patients see about your practice. At Breakaway Practice, we control the variables and work with you to create an incredible, custom postcard design with proven offers that bring new customers through your doors. This is done by using successful dental postcard templates that match the look and feel of your practice to capture interest.

From there, your oversized 6x10 card is printed using high-end, 8-color Heidelberg presses, with careful attention to detail on a 100-pound gloss cover stock paper, making it stick out in a prospective patient’s mailbox. The postcards are full color on both sides, with an attractive gloss coating. Printing is completed within a two to four-day time frame, and postage is included when mailing.

Your saturation mailing list is determined by Breakaway, defining recipient parameters based on demographics and surrounding zip codes. The moment your postcards hit homes, we begin tracking their performance. After we have sufficient data, we make refinements and continuous improvements to your postcard campaign.


We provide multiple options of beautiful postcard designs and you identify which style you like the best. Based on the information at onboarding we create a postcard. We come up with slogans, offers, and design elements to make your custom design a success. After your first few mailings, we can use the data from your campaign to revise and improve your postcard design. We adjust your campaigns based on seasonality, current offers, and several other factors.


We track response rates for incoming calls, website hits, and online scheduled appointments. This is done by including a specific tracking number and unique URL on the mailers. Reporting will then be provided to you monthly by your Breakaway account manager.

Get the most out of your direct mail campaign by utilizing our proven marketing techniques at Breakaway.

Direct Mail