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Preferred Savings Club

Been using the Preferred Savings Club for the past two years; no problems so far! Last week I got a quote from a rep for an autoclave, called Terrence at Breakaway and he told me the quote was high. Saved about a $1000 on the spot after I went back to the rep with the numbers we should have been quoted. Thanks Terrence!

Dr. Anthony Marbell

Join today and align your office with best practices in inventory cost controls.

At Breakaway Practice, we can help you save over 30-60% off of your dental supplies and equipment. The Preferred Savings Club allows you to build your formulary list according to your budget. Our streamlined process will ensure you receive the best prices for supplies and equipment while maintaining an organized and effective inventory.

With our system, it is quick and easy to see what supplies you need, making it efficient for ordering. We can also set up your practice to receive regular shipments of products you use the most to ensure you are never low on basic supplies. There is no need to shop for the lowest supply cost; we have already done it for you.

Aside from preferred pricing on dental supplies, the Preferred Savings Club includes online supply management software, maximized manufacturer rebates, highest priority level on equipment repair, and more.

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